The Lacemaker's Mailing List

Besides this web server, I also manage a mailing list devoted to talk about lace and lacemaking. The list has been operational since April of 95 and is very active. You may subscribe to either the immediate reflector, or the digested version. The digested list kicks out a single large message every few days when a sufficient volume accumulates, the reflector emails each and every message immediately. The digest contains the exact same information as the reflector, but all in one lump.

As of Februrary 1997, the lace list has been split into two lists, one for actual lace discussion, and one for members to chat with each other about other topics

Both the lace and lace-chat lists come in digested versions. You may wish to subscribe to the reflected lace list, and the digested lace-chat list, or vice-versa. You can also get only one or the other if you wish. To subscribe to the list(s) of your choice, send email to The subject line doesnt't matter, and the body of the message should contain one or more commands to majordomo.

Just the command
Will instruct majordomo to send you an instruction sheet with available commands, you will also get this sheet if you send it a command it doesn't understand.

For Example:
subscribe lace
subscribe lace-digest
subscribe lace-chat-digest

You probably don't want all four lists, one of each is the recommended maximum (and the content is the same for each list and it's digest).

You will get back a confirmation request which you must reply to. You will be subscribed only when your confirmation is received.

At any time if you want to drop off the list simply write to and send a command just like above, but replace 'subscribe' with 'unsubscribe'.


Please note that "" stands for your email address in internet format. This will look something like ''.

Your address is not your full name, and it cannot contain spaces. If you aren't sure what your internet mailing address is, ask your system administrator.

Do not put anything else on the command line, it is read by a program not a person, and the program is easily confused. Any extranious data will become part of the address and you won't get your confirmation request message. This message is sent to the address you attempted to subscribe, and it will bounce. You will get a message to the address you sent your request from telling you where the confirmation request was sent so you will be able to see what went wrong.

If your address becomes undeliverable for some reason for more than a short while - usually 2 or 3 days - you will be unsubscribed from the list. People often close their accounts without unsubscribing from lists and I must unsubscribe them. I have no way to tell a temporary problem from a defunct account. If your mail gateway goes down for several days, you may have to resubscribe when it comes back up. This also includes AOL subscribers with full mailboxes. I have no way of knowing how long it will be till you clean out your mailbox and I will get over 50 'cannot deliver' messages per day, for every bad address on the list. Most lists behave this way, some will unsubscribe you automatically after the very first undeliverable message.

If you are having major trouble subscribing or unsubscribing, or there is some other problem, send email to


Additional help, along with information and etiquette for the lace lists is available in the Handbook, avialable via FTP at Tons of thanks to the FAQ committee (listed in the handbook) for keeping it up to date.

Last modified: Wed Jul 30 18:02:56 1997